Mission Statement


We will further develop and strengthen our partnership with rail vehicle customers worldwide by providing cost effective products and services, innovative solutions, a broad product line, first class service, and excellent performance.


We provide superior railroad brake and train control systems, products, and services that meet or exceed the needs of our customers. We strive to excel in service, value, quality, reliability, and innovation. We focus on helping our customers to improve railroad safety and operating performance.


We enhance customer satisfaction by continuously improving our products, processes, and service. We engage our employees in an open and challenging work environment in which they can achieve personal growth. We strive to improve the operating performance of our company and group to assure their long-term success. We adhere to regulations and laws and act responsibly in the communities in which we operate.


We are dedicated to excellence and integrity in all aspects of our business. We provide high quality products and services that assure the safe movement of people and goods by rail and fully satisfy our customer needs. We work continuously to improve our products, internal processes, and customer service. We engage and fulfill our employees with meaningful tasks and challenging goals, empowering them with appropriate authority and responsibility. We train our employees and continuously challenge them to achieve a higher level of qualification and competence. We provide an environment that fosters innovation, welcomes and adapts quickly to change, and builds our technological and operational leadership. We encourage openness, teamwork, personal commitment, and performance-based success. We strive to continuously improve our operating and financial performance.