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NYR = Repair Code: Step-by-step instructions for disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair, routine maintenance, and mandatory configuration upgrades.

PC = Parts Catalog: Detailed listing of parts including part number, drawing number, item description, and parts replacement schedule.

TG = Technical Guide: Listing of the key features and benefits of the product along with available options and modifications.

IP = Instruction Pamphlet: End user instructions for installation, operation, and troubleshooting. May include detailed installation information not already covered by an installation drawing.

NYS = Service Instruction: Step-by step Instructions for disassembly, cleaning, inspection, performing conversions, upgrades, and reconditioning.

CW = Component Write-Up: Detailed description of the product, it's purpose, and how it operates.

GL = General Letter: Notifies customers of important information regarding products; such as change in hardware or operating procedures in the field.

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TG-013 KRD Slack Adjuster Freight Slack Adjuster Technical Guide
CW-241 Brake Valve Controller (CCB1) Locomotive CCB I Component Write-Up
IP-222 Shop AB Test Rack Operator Instruction Freight Test Rack Instruction Pamphlet
PC-709904 J-1 Safety Valve Locomotive Safety Valve Parts Catalog
PC-702697 3/8" Rubber Seated Check Valve Freight Check Valve Parts Catalog
IP-215 CSCTD Quick Start Guide - South Africa Freight Computerized Single Car Test Device Instruction Pamphlet
PC-773746-C Brake Valve Controller Locomotive CCB I Parts Catalog
IP-245 CCB-26 Locomotive Brake System Selection Guide Locomotive CCB 26 Instruction Pamphlet
PC-783605 Slope Sheet Empty Load Valve - 40% Freight Empty Load Parts Catalog
PC-769141 DB-20 Emergency Portion - Cast Iron Freight Emergency Portion Parts Catalog
PC-777661 Electro Pneumatic Control Valve Locomotive CCB II Parts Catalog
NYT-432 Code of Tests for J-1 Main Reservoir Safety Valves Freight Safety Valve Test Code
TG-001 DB-60 Control Valve Freight DB-60 Technical Guide
CW-127 H-5 Relay Air Valve Both Relay Valve Component Write-Up
PC-772124 Dirt Collector Cut-Out Cock Freight Dirt Collector Parts Catalog