About New York Air Brake

As an innovative leader, New York Air Brake has been serving the rail industry since 1890. Through the years, our basic philosophy has reflected a deep respect for the customer, and a commitment to providing quality products at a cost-effective price. New York Air Brake's participation in ISO 9001, and our corresponding certification, echoes a company-wide spirit. From management, to administration, to engineering, to the production floor, quality is an ever-present compass.

Recent years have seen a major expansion in engineering resources dedicated to bringing new technology to the marketplace. We have made significant capital investments in new facilities, machining centers, and test equipment, while increasing efficiency by utilizing highly focused teams in our manufacturing processes.

Products that are designed for today's rail industry must meet reliability targets that are comparable to the highest standards. New York Air Brake recognizes that railroads are in a highly competitive market, and need to increase throughput by moving more trains more efficiently. Two keys to successfully meeting this challenge are electronic air brakes and train control systems. New York Air Brake is responding by taking a systems approach in the development of new products. Over 10% of our total workforce is engineers involved in research and development of integrated train control products designed to help railroads build their market share in the 21st century. Currently, New York Air Brake is demonstrating its forward thinking by designing integrated train control systems that will help make Automated Train Control (ATC) a viable reality. So when the future arrives, we'll have it under control.