Anchor Brake Shoe, A Division of New York Air Brake

High Quality Since 1977

Anchor Brake Shoe Company provides high quality, innovative and competitively priced brake shoe products that are Engineered to Outperform (E2O) to freight and transit railroad industries worldwide. These industries count on Anchor for reliable, high quality products and outstanding customer service that combine to make Anchor the very best option for all of your brake shoe needs.

High Performance

Anchor Brake Shoe combines high quality materials and a proprietary manufacturing process to produce brake shoe products that are durable, reliable and provide outstanding braking performance. Our friction formulations are engineered to reduce incidences of broken steel backs, friction delaminations, and metal pickup within the friction material. Mitigating these causes of premature brake shoe removals helps to ensure Anchor brake shoes are providing the greatest value to our customers.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the right brake shoe for your specific application – ranging from high and low friction composition shoes for both freight car and locomotive applications to our unique semi-metallic tread conditioning products for freight car installations. Whatever brake shoe needs you may have, Anchor has the right product for the job.

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