Features & Benefits

Reliability & Stability
When it comes to reliable, dependable performance, the DB-60 has no peer. Since its introduction a decade ago, DB-60 equipped trains have not experienced a single control valve related UDE! The DB-60 will deliver that kind of result no matter how harsh the environment, from -40° to 150°F! And the DB-60's "lost motion" feature allows it to function effectively even when there are sudden fluctuations in brake system air pressure.

DB-60: Soft-Seated Poppet Valves

DB-60 utilizes unique, soft-seated poppet valves to function as check valves. Poppet valves deliver signifi cant advantages over traditional slide valves and spool valves. They are free from friction and stiction (cold welding), so UDEs are eliminated! Controlled loading is achieved through a unique metal-tometal seating geometry, resulting in a dramatically longer service life. Poppet valve technology helps make the DB-60 extremely stable.


DB-60 technology replaces conventional O-rings with its exclusive K-ring design. K-rings provide dynamic sealing with none of the weaknesses inherent in other methods. They require no compression when installed, and "float" within the assembly. With the small contact area of the K-ring, stiction ("cold welding") is no longer a problem.

Zero Leakage

Soft-seated poppet valves, K-rings, and superior diaphragm clamping all ensure dynamic, zero-leakage seals!

Superior Diaphragm Clamping

Instead of clamping onto the membrane, the weakest and most fragile portion of a diaphragm, the DB-60 uses a special, thickened diaphragm bead for clamping. This simple refinement greatly improves life expectancy.


The DB-60 is interchangeable—as a complete unit, or on a portion-per-portion basis—with all AAR-approved control valves.

Faster Transmission Times

The DB-60 posts the fastest brake signal transmission time of any control valve currently available. This improves train handling and can reduce stopping distances by up to 21% without increasing in-train forces.

20 Year COT&S

Designed to exceed the longevity of most freight cars themselves, the DB-60 is packed with quality materials and attention to detail. Rugged cast iron or aluminum construction is complemented by stainless steel springs, marine-quality brass bushings, filter protected chokes, and fasteners plated with zinc-dichromate. Additionally, the durable cast iron body and covers are dipped in phosphate and hot wax to resist corrosion.

Easy Maintenance

When required, maintenance is quick and easy. All cover bolts are a single size, and valve portions are all readily accessible to power tools.

Responsive NYAB Support

Every DB-60 is backed by expert service delivered from New York Air Brake locations across the U.S. and Canada, so technical assistance is always available, should it be required.

Additional Products

Along with the extremely reliable DB-60, New York Air Brake offers a complete line of components and accessories for freight car brake systems. Please contact us for a complete listing.

DB-60: New Aluminum Control Valve

DB-60's new aluminum construction provides a ninety-pound weight reduction over conventional cast iron valves. The DB-60's design has been validated through extensive testing, and its im-proved ergonomics offer important advantages in handling and installation safety, reducing back and lift injuries.