Features & Benefits

Dirt Collector & Cut-Out Valve

The valve, easily removed for cleaning, features a centrifugal dirt collector to protect the integrity of the air circulating throughout the brake system. The valve is easily removed for cleaning. The cutout function of this component closes communication between the system's control valve and the brake pipe.

Ball-Type Angle Cock

New York Air Brake's flanged and standard ball-type angle cock with locking handle is designed for use on all types of conventional freight and intermodal cars, plus locomotives. Its rugged construction offers low-torque operation and self-cleaning, leak-free service. Disassembly is easy.

Vent Valve

New York Air Brake's service-proven KM-2 Vent Valve utilizes a poppet valve design to provide superior and reliable venting, even in the presence of heavy brake pipe contamination. No screen is required at the brake pipe inlet. KM-2 vent valves are used in locomotive applications, and in long car applications in conjunction with DB-60L.

Three-Position Retaining Valve

New York Air Brake's retaining valve is constructed of high strength, noncorrosive structural plastic. The valve is a direct replacement for the existing design, offering high reliability and long life. It is 40% lighter, and uses 30% fewer parts! The three-position retaining valve controls the brake cylinder exhaust rate or retains a 20 psi brake cylinder pressure, as governed by the position of the manually operated valve handle. The three positions are: Direct Exhaust (EX), Slow Direct (SD), and High Pressure Retain (HP).

Premtec Hoses & HI-FLO® Couplings

Premtec hoses, available in 22" and 33" lengths with HI-FLO® standard or locking couplings, are tough, remain flexible at low temperatures, and are designed to meet or exceed all AAR specifications. These assemblies offer 55% higher pull-apart resistance, 32% improved air flow with reduced air restriction, improved gasket alignment, and rust protection inside and out. An extension coupling adapter is also available, as are special assemblies upon request.


New York Air Brake offers a complete line of AAR-approved straight and elbow socket-weld fittings.

Air Brake Cylinders

New York Air Brake offers top quality, precision-made air brake cylinders to meet AAR and customer requirements for 8½" and 10" standard freight car sizes.

Two-Compartment Fabricated Reservoir

New York Air Brake continues to lead the industry with this lightweight emergency & auxiliary reservoir that provides 6,000 total cubic inches of air storage for freight cars. Thorough testing of this rugged unit ensures that despite its lightweight nature, it will remain maintenance-free for the life of the car.