Oil Free Compressor

New York Air Brake’s clean and green air compressor runs without any oil and will last up to 8 years between rebuilds.

The VV1000-T® is a game changer for freight railroads. An oil-free compressor (OFC) of this size and air output is new, with three great strengths – more efficient use of energy, designed-in safety and service performance and reliability.

Developed with Knorr-Bremse’s Air Supply Group, oil-free compressors are highly reliable, inexpensive to operate and easy on the environment – the only outputs are a little water and a lot of compressed air.

The VV1000-T oil-free compressor supplies all the air needed by the long heavy haul trains common to North America, fits into the same space envelope as current air compressors that use oil, and is made right here in the USA.