Features & Benefits

Basic Operation

The TDS-5000 permits a wide range of set-up data to be input, allowing the simulation of any consist, track profile, weather, and operating parameters. Specific track profiles are utilized, and locomotive and car characteristics can be programmed to match any real-world situation. The operator sees a forward-looking video display and hears appropriate sound cues. The cab mock-up can include a motion base to represent the physical movement of the train. A key parameter display monitor assists the engineer in running the train during the simulation. Data on draft and compression forces, coupler forces, brake pressure, acceleration/deceleration, fuel consumption, and many other parameters are graphically presented and recorded.

Basic Components

TDS-5000 consists of:

- A fully functional control stand (AAR 105 or modern console)

- Instructor station

- VME-based computer loaded with simulator software

- Computer hardware for video & audio playback

- Video playback screen (for live-action footage of track profile)

- Sound generating system

- Graphic display monitor

- Motion base and operator platform (several configurations available)

Accurate & Powerful Information

The information provided by the TDS-5000 is extremely accurate and reliable. Verification runs have determined an overall system accuracy that exceeds 95%! This highly precise information can be configured and utilized in a number of powerful and useful ways. Locomotive data, car data, in-train dynamics and brake functions can be displayed graphically, and specific individual characteristics can be stored for re-use later. An entire simulator session can be recorded for detailed analysis and review, which can be conducted in real time, accelerated motion, or slow motion!


TDS-5000 simulators are highly cost-effective and provide a valuable return-on-investment in a number of key areas.

Training—Training costs can be reduced, and the time crews spend away from their trains can be minimized. In many situations, instructor time is also reduced, and documentation costs can be significantly lowered. TDS-5000 provides a practical, cost-effective tool to use in FRA certification of locomotive engineers.

Efficiency—TDS-5000 simulations can identify more efficient operating methods, reducing fuel costs and track wear. Simulation studies can greatly improve air and dynamic braking efficiency, and assist in determining the benefits of altering traffic flow.

Accident Investigation—TDS-5000 can assist in determining the root cause of an accident. This capability improves safety and can reduce liability exposure.

Mobile Trailer Option

To increase the accessibility of TDS-5000 benefits to customers, New York Air Brake offers several mobile trailer designs, which can be equipped with two engineer stations. These trailers can be purchased or leased, and transported to any location where they are required. New York Air Brake can also provide qualified trainers to assist you in your simulator operations and computer-based training.

Responsive NYAB Support

Every TDS-5000 is backed by expert service delivered from New York Air Brake locations across the US and Canada. Complete service contracts can be provided, as well as comprehensive training in the use of the simulator. To get you up and running as quickly as possible, New York Air Brake will also supervise system installation and software configuration, and can provide running footage of any desired track profile for use in the simulator. Such support reflects New York Air Brake's commitment to make simulator technology practical and affordable for everyone.

Additional Products

In addition to the innovative TDS-5000 system, New York Air Brake offers a diverse family of integrated train control systems and products. Please contact us for a complete listing.