Features & Benefits

Patented Beam Design

The TMB-60's proprietary design dramatically reduces bending loads in the beams, enabling the use of a lighter structure with no sacrifice in performance. The TMB-60's cylinder is mounted parallel to the brake beams and transfers forces through two bell cranks. This parallelogram design (validated by ten years of field service in NYCOPAC) improves efficiency and aligns braking forces with the wheels, which reduces shoe and wheel wear. In fact, TMB-60 delivers the most uniform brake shoe wear in the industry.


TMB-60 is rugged and lightweight with fewer components, helping make installation easier and less costly.

Under Bolster Design

The TMB-60 push rods are positioned under the bolster and can be configured to work with all truck designs.

Replaceable Brake Heads

TMB-60 features replaceable brake heads, which do not require disassembly of the truck for installation. TMB-60 is a direct acting system that does not require levers or reverse direction devices.

Integral Double-Acting Slack Adjuster

The TMB-60's integral double-acting slack adjuster maintains a constant 2¼ inch piston stroke, resulting in uniform and efficient braking performance even as the brake shoes and wheels wear. The slack adjuster has a total makeup of 16 inches, compensating for 8 inches of nominal brake shoe wear and 8 inches of nominal wheel wear. There is no need to measure and manually set the slack adjuster, which saves time on every installation.