New York Air Brake Leadership Team

Ulisses Camilo

President & CEO

Leadership Team

Leadership Team Member Role
Gregory Dalpe Vice President, Freight
Derek Hurst Vice President, Brake Systems Transit
Dave Welly Vice President, On-board Transit Systems
Chris Wineke Vice President, Supply Chain, NA Rail
Kevin Hoyt Vice President, Manufacturing, NA Rail
Ed Whelan Vice President, Quality and HSE, NA Rail
Rich Kane Vice President, Human Resources, NA Rail
Andrew Kameen Vice President, Finance and Controlling, KBC
Jason Stansbury Senior Corporate Counsel
Geoff Spensley Vice President, Finance and Controlling, NYAB
Debora (Debbie) Elam Senior Director, Business Excellence and Product Safety
Deepak Kumar Senior Director, Marketing and Business Development
Shashank Malik Director, NA Direct Material Sourcing
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